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A school year is defined by the calendar. From the start of school to the end a series of events take place in a common order. Repetitiveness is normal. Because of this flexibility is the key. Not only does it allow you to cater to the event it also enables you to keep within your budget.

Carts: Having the ability to serve cold or hot food, a serving line, or cold or hot beverages is not always an option. Our carts allow you to serve your students, parents, and faculty based on the needs of the event. A reception might need more beverages. A student appreciation event more food. And a parent event a combination of the two. Why have carts only for one purpose? The flexibility we put into our carts make is easy to go from one event to the other.

Kiosks: The bookstore located at the student center does not have to be the only place to sell products. Take the products to the events. Our kiosks “pop up” by simply moving the product to the event. Kiosks bring the store the event. The flexibility we offer in our kiosks allow you to service all of your events.

Mobile Carts: Today’s students have many needs. Finding them at events is not always easy. Mobile carts allow you to get to where they are with the merchandise needed to support the event.

Modular Galleries: Campuses can be miles apart. Imagine setting up special showings, out buildings, and temporary buildings without building permanent structures. Our modular systems allow you to do just that. How you decorate it, the fixtures you use, and the size depends on the event, why wait until the event to have your building needs ready?