Modular Galleries

One of the great things to come out of NASCAR has been the merchandise trucks. Trucks focused on one thing, getting you your favorite driver’s products. Our Modular Galleries do this and more. Imagine setting up a satellite store without the need for walls. That’s what Modular Galleries do best.

Food & Beverages: If you need a set up that needs to hold its space then our modular setups give you that option. Larger than a typical kiosk, our modular galleries could have seating, a service line, or even a sports bar. At the end of the season take it down for storage and get ready for the next one. These galleries truly give you defined spaces without the fixed walls.

Merchandise & Novelties: Venues are built to the needs of the activity. Stadiums, Resorts, and Campuses are all built to do what they do best. Our Modular Galleries support there infrastructure without changing it. No walls, no build outs, just new defined space that allows you to set up and service your customers. Creating new shopping experiences around and inside your venue is the reason you need a modular gallery.