Kiosks are just like having mini pop-up stores. Deployed to fixed locations for the season or the year. At Savannah we can make your kiosks mobile. You can add additional units or reconfigure them to have the most impact. Our mobile kiosks give you the flexibility you need to serve your customers. Our custom templating allows you to design your vision. This flexibility allows you the freedom to cater to each event separately.

Beer & Beverages: Keeping beer and beverages cold is a must. Our refrigeration and storage units ensure the right temperature all the time.

Hot & Cold Food: Many kiosks are made for one purpose. Our kiosks give you the option of serving hot or cold food, a serving table, or frozen treats and boiling soup. Each unit acts independently but integrate into the design you need to best service your customers.

Specialty Kiosks: Kiosks are used to fit traffic patterns. Most kiosks are either beverage or food related. But some need to offer apparel & accessories. Products that are not food related are usually shown using  a pop up grid system, our specialty kiosks maintain the professionalism you need to showcase your brand.