Hotels, Lodges, and Casinos

Lightweight, mobile, and self-contained make all the difference when you are trying to get products in front of your customers.Whether self-contained, heating & cooling elements operating independently, or a self-contained bar set up with an ice chest that doesn’t melt, Savannah brings all of this to you.

Carts: Flexibility is the key to great hospitality. Guests like to be catered to. Having carts ready to deploy and service them will keep them coming back. At Savannah we pride ourselves on this flexibility. Our carts have heating and cooling elements, cold and hot
containers, and extra service space if needed.

Kiosks: Kiosks allow you to set up shop at the event and put them away when not in use. Imagine mobile stores popping up during the event yet out of the way when not in use. Our custom templating allows you to design your vision.

Mobile Carts: Merchandising a cart ensures that your products match your customers activities. From beer to beverages, from caps and polos, to sunscreen and souvenirs, mobile merchandisers fit into any event.

Modular Galleries: When the need to create clearly defined space, a Modular setup is the answer. Our modular set ups allow you to customize the area. Whether is simply a retail space, a spa space, or a pub inside an event. Be sure to ask our team about mobility.