In a small town in Southwestern Tennessee, a small machine shop began making millwork for the food service industry. As the business grew, fabrication was added and finally stone. Over time, the industry took notice of the products coming out of Savannah, Tennessee. Not only were custom products being made that satisfied customers’ needs, but projects deemed impossible or unlikely by others were coming to life as well.

As a result, more and more customers put their trust in American Foodservice Inc. So much so that the size and scope of the products increased as well. Customers as well known as the White House and as down home as the local elementary school trusted us to deliver their products and make good on their visions.

Today, we are proud to announce that American Foodservice has become “Savannah” to better reflect our heritage and values.

Savannah is focused on your vision being Made Well™; we’re focused on winning your seal of approval. Made Well™ is about the product, quality, service, and timeliness you need to realize your vision and see it come to life. Our values inspired by wisdom bring your job to life.

Today, Savannah leads the industry in custom-made millwork, fabrication, and stone. We proudly serve the food service industry along with healthcare, sports and entertainment, corporate America, and the US Government. Best of all, all our products continue to be made right here in Savannah, Tennessee.


2014 – Acquired by All-American Holdings. Name changed to Savannah.

2007 – Acquired by Standex Corporation.

2005 – Stonecutting initiated.

1998 – Stainless steel fabrication added.

1991 – American Foodservice established primarily as a food service millwork supplier.

Established Values + Inspired by Wisdom = Growth