Concession Carts

Concession Carts need to fit the venue. Size and shape does matter. At Savannah we custom build everything so you can decide what best fits your needs. Flexibility is the key. Having carts ready to deploy and service your events, regardless of the need, is a must. Our carts have heating and cooling elements, cold and hot containers, and extra service space if needed.

Why have carts for one type of event? 80% of the time, the cart will be used for one purpose, but the other 20% it would be nice to have the ability to convert it to another function. The flexibility we put into our carts makes it easy to go from one type of event to the other.

Beer & Beverages: Our beer carts give you the ability to move indoors or out. Into the arena or onto the parade grounds. Having this ability will help increase sales while keeping your customers happy.

Hot & Cold Food: Food is driven by the event. Hot, cold, or somewhere in between, you need to have one cart that can do anything. Simply change out the functions and you are ready to go.

Specialty Carts: When the cart you need is driven by the business you are in, you need a specialty cart. Ice cream, popcorn, and anything in between. Your cart is designed for you.

It’s your vision.